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The True ROI of Telematics

Telematics is no longer just GPS tracking and vehicle routing. With an increasing number of tools available to fleet managers, how do they choose the best-fitting program and provider, and ensure thei...

  Sep 03, 2020     Marketing FC

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How GPS Tracking Can Improve Construction Fleet Asset Management

You rely on your equipment and vehicles for your construction business to function—but are they adequately protected? If anything is damaged or stolen, it not only means expensive repairs or replaceme...

  Jul 09, 2020     Marketing FC

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8 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly

You’ve probably heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” When it comes to fleet maintenance, this couldn’t be truer.  Preventative fleet maintenance saves you big mon...

  Jun 30, 2020     Marketing FC

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8 Metrics Every Fleet Manager Should Track for Maintenance & Expenses

As a fleet manager, you’re under a lot of pressure to make the right choices. No one’s right all the time. However, one way to make better, more purposeful decisions is to track your fleet’s metrics. 

  Mar 27, 2020     Marketing FC

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Update on COVID-19: Temporary Waivers by Jurisdiction

To date, I have focused my ‘Ask the Expert’ Blogs on Federal Emergency Declarations information in the U.S. and Canada.  I am switching gears today to focus on specific State and Provincial Waiver Ann...

  Mar 26, 2020     Marc Moncion

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8 myths of fleet tracking software dispelled

It’s not uncommon for small to medium businesses to experience hesitation when it comes to considering implementing a GPS fleet management software. The fear of change gets in the way. Often the mantr...

  Jun 11, 2019     Yeniffer Padrino

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How a Fleet Tracking System is the Answer to Small Businesses Challenges

Your business embraces a great idea, an amazing product or service, and dedicated employees to support it and make it grow. 

  Jun 04, 2019     Yeniffer Padrino

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Stress-testing the AT1 asset trackers

Our small Asset Tracker AT1 can take a lot of pressure – and we mean that literally – and still be able to do its job! Our customers and their assets face some tough conditions, heavy lifting and, at ...

  May 28, 2019     Katerina Gavrikova

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Did Telematics Market Change In A Post-ELD Environment?

Companies offering fleet management systems in North America continue to apply different strategies to provide their solutions to the marketplace both before and after the instruction of ELD. 

  May 21, 2019     Marc Moncion

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5 Things To Look For in a Fleet Management System

GPS tracking technology has been around for decades, and over the past few years has become increasingly affordable for both large and small businesses with fleets of vehicles.

  May 14, 2019     Katerina Gavrikova

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