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The True ROI of Telematics

Telematics is no longer just GPS tracking and vehicle routing. With an increasing number of tools available to fleet managers, how do they choose the best-fitting program and provider, and ensure thei...

  Sep 03, 2020     Marketing FC

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Did Telematics Market Change In A Post-ELD Environment?

Companies offering fleet management systems in North America continue to apply different strategies to provide their solutions to the marketplace both before and after the instruction of ELD.

  May 21, 2019     Marc Moncion

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MWC 2019: 5G Will Bring New Tech Revolution

Mobile World Congress 2019 was all about 5G - the latest generation of mobile network. You could see 5G cars, 5G breakfast trays and even remotely drive a delivery truck via 5G. Even though there are ...

  May 07, 2019     Mihkel Külaots

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